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Van Ness - Fresh Nip 1oz.

Van Ness - Fresh Nip 1oz.


Van Ness Fresh Nip Totally Natural Catnip is grown in the USA to the strict standards of Quality Assurance International. Free from all chemical pesticides, it is 100% safe for your cat. Van Ness Fresh Nip catnip can be used to refresh your cat's scratching pads, refill toys or sprinkle on your cat's bed or the ground so they can roll around in it!

  • Using all natural cat nip promotes a healthy lifestyle by motivating your cat to exercise. Say good-bye to the lazy kitty!
  • The fresh and potent aroma drives cats wild and also helps alleviate stress.
  • Made with 100% certified organic cat nip
  • No fillers, No chemicals, just pure cat nip
  • Grown in the USA

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