Welcome to Queenie’s Pets!

Welcome to Queenie’s Pets!

The Queenie’s Story

It all started back in 2006 when we began as a small service-based company helping the local community with their pets. As business continued to grow, we opened our first physical location on Germantown Avenue in 2015. 

What was originally meant to be offices for our pet sitting and dog walking company, quickly turned into a small retail shop where we offered leashes, collars, and non-consumable items. Due to customer demand, we added delivering consumables and custom ordering to our services in 2019. 

As the pandemic hit, customers looked to support small businesses where they could shop locally and have products delivered to them. Growth was fast and furious, and we now have a customer base of 4,000+ people! Plus, we’re proud to announce that we’re opening a second location soon! 

Adina Silberstein

Meet the Founder

Adina Silberstein has a passion for animals and has loved them from the start! In fact, she often shares with customers the story (and personal video) of her dad bringing her home as a baby and there’s a 90-pound German Shepherd pup licking her in the face - it was love at first sight! 

Adina has never gone through a day in her life without animals, and now she's the proud mother of four cats and two dogs. Her pet-filled life started early as a pet sitter and dog walker, and she even held an internship at the Philadelphia Zoo while working her way through college. 

Adina turned her love of animals into a business, Queenie's Pets, where she gets to educate others on proper pet care and nutrition and be an active member in the community. 

Meet the Team

The Queenie's Pets Difference

Your pets will love us as much as they love YOU.

Team Queenie's Core Values



Unlock a world of solutions with Queenie’s Pets® ! Whether you're seeking pet education, fun, or those extra-special tips, we've got you covered!