What’s New and Exciting from the 2024 Global Pet Expo

What’s New and Exciting from the 2024 Global Pet Expo

If you are a regular follower of Queenie's Instagram, you know how exciting this is! If you’re new here, the Global Pet Expo is the Superbowl of pet products and brands. It is ALL the rage for pet professionals.

The Global Pet Expo is the largest pet industry trade-show in the world! There are a whopping 5 miles of vendors and over 16,000 attendees ready to share the latest and greatest products in the industry.

Queenie’s Pets ® is dedicated to finding solutions for pets and their humans. Throughout the three days’ worth of pet-nerd FUN, I work to carefully and knowledgeably curate a selection of products for the Queenie’s Pets online and in-person store. I am so excited to share our new findings and new additions with you!

Crazy Cat Lady things and more

As a fellow crazy cat lady (I have 4 of my own!) I am constantly searching for brands that benefit my feline friends. Let’s talk about Trixie, one of the newer brands to hit the market. We originally brought this brand into Queenie’s because they have amazing cat furniture at affordable prices such as the Adra Cat Tree with Brush. But it’s the Trixie’s enrichment products that have us buggin’ out!

Why is enrichment so important? Enrichment activities are vital for the health and happiness of cats, providing both mental stimulation and physical exercise that mirror their natural predatory and hunting behaviors. Cats are inherently curious and playful animals, evolved to hunt and catch in their environment. Enrichment activities like interactive toys, puzzle feeders, and climbing structures cater to these instincts, helping to prevent boredom and the associated negative behaviors such as destructive scratching, excessive meowing, or the ever-dreaded out-of-box bathroom habits.

By incorporating enrichment toys into your pet's daily routine, you not only nurture their natural instincts but also strengthen the bond between you and your beloved companion. Here at Queenies, we have versatile enrichment puzzles and toys we know your pet will love!

All natural ingredients

We are on a mission to provide the highest quality products that fit your pet’s likes and needs and your budget - after all, as Queenie's family, they are furry royalty. One amazing brand gaining a lot of “followers” here in our shop is RAWZ.

RAWZ is a pet food brand that we at Queenie’s have loved for quite some time now. It is  a standout in the crowded market of pet nutrition. Their focus on pure, simple ingredients supports optimal health, catering to pets with food sensitivities or those requiring a more natural diet. Additionally, RAWZ is deeply committed to giving back to the community, with 100% of their profits donated to help train service animals. This philanthropic approach not only reflects their passion for pets' welfare but also allows pet owners to be part of a larger mission to support animals in need, making RAWZ a truly conscientious choice for pet owners - especially the type of folks who shop at Queenie’s Pets®.

Amazing Fear-Free products

Queenie’s Pets® only carries force-free, stress-free, fear-free, and pain-free products (A.K.A Making the Lives of Pets & Their Humans Better®). Inside of that commitment, everything we carry is about enrichment, stress, and fear reduction (and fun!)

Did you know dogs need UV protection from the sun just like we do? I have recently learned that my own dog may develop age-related macular degeneration (AMD) which is a disease that affects vision over time. I have introduced him to doggy sunglasses or “doggles” so he can have some fun in the sun while keeping his eyes as healthy as possible. Doggles are recommended for use not just to be cute, but to protect your dog's face when they lean out a window if they are on a boat, or involved in any activity where debris or injury to the eye could be present. I am excited to list new UV protection goggles in all sizes so your pup can stay sunny and safe!

Another product from the same company is RexSpecs, Ear Pro for Dogs. Your dogs can still hear the sounds of your voice, but it greatly diminishes the sounds of thunder, fireworks, and other sounds that truly terrify dogs. We absolutely know that these will be a GAME-CHANGER for your sound-sensitive dog. This is the epitome of a fear-free product! 

Pets won’t let you brush their teefies? This next product is for you. Check out these toothbrushes I learned about from PawReady that come with a bite guard. The bite block wedges in between the dog’s teeth, keeping their mouth open while the guard attached protects your hand. You just wrap the guard around your finger while brushing your dog’s teeth, and BOOM no more nips to the fingers..kind of genius. You can also try this with your cat if you dare! 

Toys that keep their tails wagging

A product brand I want more people to know about, and a booth at which I spent a fair bit of time getting to know the founder, is Canophera. Their signature product, the coffee-wood and coconut fiber chew, is a gift to pet parents everywhere. These long-lasting chews are made from the soft wood of the coffee tree (no, they do not contain caffeine!) are easy on your dog’s teeth, and the coconut fiber is fully consumable and cleans your dog's teeth as they chew. Canophera has just begun to make their products in sizes appropriate not only for all dog breeds but also for cats, small animals and birds! 

BONUS! In addition to chewing fabulousness, they can also be used for tugging and fetching. There are also all rope, no wood, options for toys. Since coconut fiber is extremely absorbent, you can spray catnip on the rope as an enrichment activity for your cats. Ripping and gnawing at the fibers and wood is excellent enrichment for exotic birds and small mammals. Canophera is already in our store, believe me, you want this product! 

Elevating every pet’s life with intention and care

As we wrap up this year’s exciting journey through the 2024 Global Pet Expo, our commitment to only carrying products that are free from fear, stress, and pain has once again grown exponentially.  Whether it's protecting your dog's eyes and ears, ensuring safe teeth-brushing sessions, or having better chew sessions, every product curated by Queenie's Pets® both from this year's Global and all the time is chosen with passion and care. 

We're excited to continue discovering and sharing these groundbreaking products with you. By embracing these new trends, and understanding the evolving science of pets’  needs, we're not just providing our pets with what they need; we're giving them the thriving life they deserve. 

If you’d like to learn more about any of these products or the scores of others I peeped at during Global, come on in and see us in person, or peruse our online store. You can even use our new “Chat with Us” feature to ask any product, ask questions you have, or to place a custom order! 

Thank you for joining us on this incredible adventure at the 2024 Global Pet Expo—where pets and passion meet.



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