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Tether Tug - Indoor Dog Toy

Tether Tug - Indoor Dog Toy


Tether Tug Indoor Dog Toy is an interactive tug toy that provides hours of fun and exercise for your dog. This updated version comes with an outdoor base, so your pup can play both indoors and outdoors! Every purchase comes with a padded metal base for inside, a 14-inch metal stake for outside, a 48-inch tether tug pole for inside and outside use and a braided fleece attachment! This unique, flexible designed tug toy is designed for dogs under 30 pounds. It gives as it goes, allowing for extensive bends, turns, flexes and flips with ease. It’s the perfect toy to give your pup the exercise he needs and may help prevent destructive behaviors while providing mental stimulation. Plus, your buddy will burn off extra energy without wearing you out. It’s the paw-fect toy to help keep him healthy, happy and entertained.

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