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Lotus - Grain-Free Salmon Pate - Wet Cat Food


Serve your cat a savory salmon feast with Lotus Grain-Free Salmon Paté canned cat food! Delicious, fresh-caught salmon is the first ingredient in this recipe, and it's cooked in salmon broth until it reaches a smooth, creamy consistency that your cat will devour. In addition to salmon, this recipe also includes white fish, another source of lean protein, vitamins, and minerals that will keep your cat thriving. Both salmon and whitefish are full of healthy omgea fatty acids that will leave your cat with a shiny, healthy coat and skin.

Lotus Pet Foods is a great choice for feeding your cat, because their foods are good for both your pet and the planet. The ingredients they choose are of the highest quality—the meat is always antibiotic- and hormone-free, and the veggies and fruits are always non-GMO. They also leave out ingredients like grains, carrageenan, and artificial fillers. And the ingredients they do include are regionally sourced, with the salmon in this recipe coming from off the coast of California. From there, they take a short journey to Lotus's micro-cannery in California where they are cooked up and packaged in small batches and sent off to you and your cat. This leaves the food with a smaller carbon footprint than other brands that source and package their ingredients all around the world. That will make your cat and the planet smile!


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