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Hyper Pet Boredom Busters IQ Treat Mat


Our Boredom Busters Indulge licking mat will show your best furry friend how much you love them. Featuring a raised, maze like pattern, the Reward provides a tasty and engaging activity. Licking every bit of tasty treat will keep your dog occupied as they try to maneuver the best way to retrieve their reward. The Indulge's pattern was designed for a tasty helping of peanut butter, wet food, and other soft treats like bananas.

  • - Use with treats or food to reward and entertain your pet
  • - Licking eliminates boredom and reduces anxiety
  • - Promotes calm behavior when stressed (thunder, fireworks, etc)
  • - Extra saliva generated during licking aids digestion
  • - Stimulates mental health with licking activity
  • - Scientifically developed for both dogs and cats

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