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Holiday Cat Prancer Wire Teaser Wand


Take playtime down to the wire with the Ethical Pet Cat Prancer Teaser Wand Cat Toy. At first glance, this looks like a ho-hum teaser toy, but cats go absolutely nuts for these wire wands! Simple woven linen pieces on the end dance erratically when you wave it around—the wire makes them move like an insect and activates the natural hunting instinct in kitties. With catnip and a bell, too, this toy will keep your fur-baby playing vigorously for hours. Just be careful not to wear her out too much! Comes in 36- and 44-inch lengths.

  • Cats go just wild for these simple wire teaser toys.
  • Wire element makes the toy move erratically and keeps kitties guessing.
  • The catnip and bell add crazy excitement to already wild play.
  • Lets you play interactively with your meow-bud while keeping sharp claws at arm’s length.
  • Provides great exercise and mental stimulation for your fur-baby.

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