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Brown's - Garden Chic! Wild Bird Mealworms

Brown's - Garden Chic! Wild Bird Mealworms


There is no finer meal for a backyard bird than Brown's Dried Mealworms for Wild Birds & Chickens. These natural and farm-raised mealworms are a highly-prized treat for many wild birds. They have been quick-dried to lock in flavor and nutrition and to keep them as fresh as possible for your feathered friends. They’re a great source of energy—containing 50 percent protein and 25 percent fat. These tasty morsels are preservative and additive free for a naturally delectable treat your wild friends will devour!

  • These dried mealworms provide a high-value treat for your wild birds.
  • Quick-dried to lock in flavor, freshness and nutrition.
  • A great source of natural energy for your beaked buddies—with 50% protein and 25% fat.
  • All-natural and farm-raised.
  • Preservative and additive-free.