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Brown's - No Squirrels Just Birds

Brown's - No Squirrels Just Birds


Brown's Bird Lover's Blend No Squirrels… Just Birds! Wild Bird Food is a unique solution to bird watching woes because it helps keep squirrels out of your feeders. It's made with premium white millet for carbs and safflower seeds that are high in fat and oil for extra energy. The secret ingredient is chili pepper for a fiery hot taste that deters squirrels but doesn't bother birds that can't feel the spicy sensation. Squirrels also find the white safflower seeds to be bitter, so they'll surely stay away while wild birds enjoy a gourmet meal of natural ingredients.

  • Packed with natural ingredients that birds love and squirrels don’t!
  • Birds love our premium white safflower seeds, but squirrels find them bitter tasting
  • Chili peppers are a great source of vitamins and nutrition for birds, but squirrels and other mammals that do not like the fiery hot taste soon learn to look elsewhere for food
  • Made from premium high-fat and oil content white safflower provides essential energy, while white millet provides needed carbohydrates and the chili peppers are a great source of nutrition
  • Natural and preservative-free