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Annamaet - Ohana Puppy Dry Dog Food


Annamaet Ohana provides optimal nutrition for puppies using high concentrations of EPA & DHA from fish oil to promote brain maturation and development.  Ohana is gluten free and uses coconut flour and banana powder with dried chicory root (prebiotics) to promote good GI function.  The use of coconut oil leads to enriched medium chain triglycerides in the diet which are utilized more readily than other fats and have been associated with mental acuity.

  • With the blue fish label this is an MSC certified formula, ensuring that this sustainably sourced fish is traceable from the ocean right to your pup’s bowl
  • Fortified with DHA, a major Omega 3 Fatty Acid that supports brain development in puppies, as well as healthy skin & coat
  • Includes coconut oil which promotes better absorption of fat into the bloodstream
  • Contains marigold petal extract as a source of lutein, known to support the canine immune system

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