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5Strands - Affordable Testing - Pet - Environmental Intolerance Test


The 5Strands PET ENVIRONMENT INTOLERANCE TEST offers intolerance testing to 105 items: plants, grass, flowers, essential oils, fabrics, cleaning solutions, etc. The results will create an avoidance guideline, saving you time and money!

With this at home collection kit, learning about how your pet’s body is responding to current lifestyle surroundings has never been so easy. We use BIORESONANCE technologyto determine the environmental items creating a temporary imbalance in their general vitality. Results will help guide you to eliminate or avoid the items causing them physical discomfort.

Our process is simple. (1) Purchase kit (2) Register kit (3) Collect hair sample (4) Send back to 5Strands (5) Receive testing results on customer portal within 10 days *of your samples arrival. Be sure to keep your tracking information when sending back hair sample.

*An important clarification about 5Strands Affordable Testing Kits: While 5Strands' testing kits are excellent comprehensive diagnostic tools, they are intended to identify potential problems, not resolve them.  Further action steps are required to use the test results to inform the changes to diet, environment, etc. that can lead to positive transformations for your pets.

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