5Strands - Affordable Testing - Adult Human - Deluxe Package

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*(While we sell several 5Strands Affordable Testing kits for your pets, this particular item is for HUMANS.)*

5Strands specializes in using BIORESONANCE technology to determine which of the 985 items tested resonate as an intolerance or imbalance. From a health perspective, imbalances may look or feel like weight gains or losses, upset stomachs and headaches, bloating and digestive issues, chronic body inflammation and joint pain, skin irritation, neurological issues, and behavioral disorders, etc.

This complete assessment compares your functional compatibility with 985 commonplace items found in your food and environment. 5Strands' simple at home collection kit only require 10-15 Strands of HAIR, and you can receive your results in as few as 7 days (please allow 7-10 business days).

The 5Strands Deluxe Package Includes 4 Functional Health Assessments that help you take the first steps on your wellness journey:
(1) Food Intolerance  (1) Environment Intolerance 
(1) Nutrition Imbalance (1) Metal & Mineral Imbalance.

5Strands' Food Intolerance assessment will compare your body’s electrical resonance to several food items within the categories of protein, grain, fruit, dairy, fat, seafood, spices, sweeteners, additives, and beverages. For many people, some of these specific items can contribute to sensitivities or reactions in the gut and brain.

With the same technology, both the Nutrition Imbalance and Metals & Minerals Imbalance assessments can indicate which vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, and neurotransmitters are out of balance. These imbalances generally occur when your body experiences an over-exposure of (or has the inability to absorb) certain nutrients.

The Environment Intolerance assessment is the final assessment that compares your body’s resonance to common environmental items, including pollen, plants and grasses, animal dander, natural and synthetic fabrics, and cleaning solutions. This assessment accurately measures incompatibilitiesthat can lead to the development of sensitivities or more serious reactions that may need medical interventions.

The 5Strands Deluxe Package is NOT a blood based “allergy test” for immune system responses; neither is it a standardized HTMA test that measures specific levels of heavy metals or minerals in the body. However, if the assessments are interpreted or used in the manner intended, they can be a solid indicator of potential challenges that your body may experience.

*An important clarification about 5Strands Affordable Testing Kits: While 5Strands' testing kits are excellent comprehensive diagnostic tools, they are intended to identify potential problems, not resolve them.  Further action steps are required to use the test results to inform the changes to diet, environment, etc. that can lead to positive transformations for your health and wellbeing



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