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2 Hounds Design- Elite Velvet - Dog Leash



2 Hounds leashes are known for their vibrant colors, impressive designs, and high quality Swiss velvet components. 

What sets aside their "Elite Velvet " leash is that it sports premium Swiss velvet on the under side of the leash to go along with Swiss velvet or original ribbon designs on the outer side. Whether looking for solid colors or unique designs, the "Elite Velvet" will have your hands comfy and your dog walking in style!

Available is 1" x 6' and 1" x 4' sizes, these leashes provide stunning aesthetics along with impressive in-hand comfort. 

For 2 Hounds' "Elite Velvet" they sew velvet, imported directly from Switzerland, down both sides of strong nylon webbing and finish it off with Premium trigger snap hardware and an adjustable handle, which makes it easy for you to adjust the leash to fit comfortably around your wrist as you walk your dog in style.

These leashes are durable and can be hand-washed or machine-washed. Simply place the leash in a lingerie bag or knotted pillowcase, wash it on the delicate cycle, and air dry.

Proudly Made in the USA!

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