What’s New And Trending From The 2023 Global Pet Expo

What’s New And Trending From The 2023 Global Pet Expo

In case you’re not a regular follower of Queenie's Instagram (why aren’t you? Start now!), then you may not know that I recently returned from my annual trek to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando. What’s this, you ask? It’s only the fifth largest trade show of any industry in the United States, and the largest trade show in the world for the pet biz….it’s the convergence of 25,000 people, all talking about pet products for three days straight…what could be better? 


I walked 28.6 miles in two and a half days, so I’m not exaggerating when I say I would walk a marathon to Make the Lives of Pets and Their Humans Better®! 

There was soooo much to do and see, I could blab on and on. But I’ll spare you and just share some of my biggest takeaways and the coolest new products on the market (but if you want to humor me, come on by the shop ‘cause I love to talk).

A chance to discover new products

I get a bajillion emails a day and let’s be honest… I stopped reading them a long time ago. Can you blame me? Who has the time to read every single marketing email in their inbox (except the Queenie’s Newsletter)! That’s why I love Global so much because I get to learn about products I would never have known about if I hadn’t been there. 

I met so many people who talked about their products with such excitement. You can really feel that authenticity in-person and discover who actually makes products for animals and not just the humans who think the products “look cute.”

One of my favorite booths is the folks at Kong. I went over to chat with them for the first time a few years ago and realized that this is a company that is run by people who understand dogs and cats. Their products are pure genius because they put science and testing behind their products before they put them out – who knew?! I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for this conference. 

While there were so many great new products at Global (I was like a kid in a candy store!), I wanted to share a few of my favorites plus some exciting new trends in the pet industry.

Mushrooms are all the rage

I like to think I’m pretty hip and on it with the trends, but things change so fast in the pet industry that sometimes it's hard to keep up. The Global Pet Expo is incredible since you can really see up close what the latest trends are in the industry – and this year was all about mushrooms. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about giving your pets psychedelic mushrooms, but rather Reishi and Maitake mushrooms.

You might be like me and say “Huh? What pet is going to like eating mushrooms??.” Well, have no fear, I got all the deets. Research has shown that these mushrooms help with all kinds of uber important stuff like mobility. That’s why everyone is using it in all their functional products these days. 

I brought home with me a new mushroom product myself, Nupro Lyfe Spyce Healthy Immune Response. It brings together turmeric extract, medicinal mushroom complex and organic, non-GMO fermented soy protein and a ton of other healthy, super awesome things to support the immune system of dogs who might be more prone to cancer. I’m super jazzed about this product – it’ll be huge for dogs like Goldens and Great Danes who are more prone to cancer, or dogs going through chemo. 

Raw food is on the rise

“I told you so” is completely appropriate here, and I’m going to invoke it….I’m usually ahead of the trends. Queenie’s has been at the forefront of the raw food movement for years. I’ve fed my pets raw food since before veterinarians ever approved of it thankyouverymuch. I may have even gotten into a fight or two about it back in the day, so I’m stoked to see at the conference that people are FINALLY realizing that raw food is the. way. to. go. 


One product I learned about at the conference that I had to immediately bring home and try was Steve’s Real Food. I was so excited about this product I even did an Instagram Live with their rep from their booth! Steve’s was the first commercially-prepared raw food on the market. What’s super cool about Steve’s is it’s formulated to be appropriate for both cats and dogs - a rarity. I went home and changed my dog's food to Steve’s and it’s been a hit so far (not to mention they’ve been farting way less. Yeah, I said it. Farting. There, I’m a professional who writes about professional matters. Pfffft. Win-win.) 

Another product that I am so jazzed about is Pure Cravings. They’re the first and only cat food to be tested for mercury (say what!!). As all cat owners ought to be aware, mercury can make cats quite sick when it builds up in their systems through food intake. Testing for mercury in cat food has been unheard of in the cat food world until now, which is why Pure Cravings product is SO huge. I’m stoked to bring this food into our store and be one of the only shops to carry it in its infancy. 


Toys that every pet will love

If you’re an anxious pet owner, you probably know the fear of watching your dog chew down a bully stick until it's a small choking hazard. But your dogs love them (and, man, they make your Zoom meetings SO much more bearable), so what are you to do? Well, Bow Wow Labs has an answer for that!

At the conference I learned of a new toy, the Bow Wow Buddy. This toy holds the bully stick end so dogs can’t choke on them and they come in sizes from extra-small to extra-large for dogs (and bully sticks) of all sizes. That way your dog can continue enjoying their bully sticks and you can rest easy knowing they’re safe. 

Another toy we are bringing into the store from Global is the Chase n’ Pull flirt pole by Vee Enterprises. Flirt poles are basically handheld tethers that you jangle in the air and your high-energy dog jumps for it. These are great for teaching your pets agility or just getting your super-energetic pup to tire out and they go cuh-razy for it. Flirt Poles (or, as we call them in my house, with our terrible Philly accents, “flurples”), are GREAT for when you have terrible weather outside and can’t get your pup out as much as usual as well. Oh, and these jawns (if you’re not from Philly….just look it up) squeak, too! Careful, your cat will likely want in on the game!

We’re trendsetters

At Queenie’s, we pride ourselves on being leaders in fear-free living for your pets (again, I’m a #trendsetter). I was super excited to see that fear-free was gaining traction at the conference with more and more people learning about ways to lower your pets fears, anxieties, and stress. 

We’ve also always carried natural flea and tick prevention at Queenie’s, so I was tickled to see so much more of it at the expo. People are finally realizing that natural flea and tick prevention actually works and it’s not just something for us Mt. Airy hippies anymore. I just ordered more Tickless at the expo – it’s the only tick prevention I’ll use on my dogs. Ultrasonic that just goes right on their collars…neither you, nor your dogs can hear it…but the ticks apparently can! Take it from me, who lives part time on a woods-surrounded farm, laden with deer….It works and it’s all natural, what more could you ask for?!

I went to my first Global Pet Expo in 2009 and it has easily become one of my favorite weeks of the entire year. It’s exhausting (hello…let’s come full circle and remind you that I walked MORE than a marathon) and probably talked a marathon, too (I have no idea what that means, but, let’s just go with it), but every minute is worth it. Not only do I learn about so many incredible products, foods, and industry trends, but it’s really fun, and my brain goes wild with ideas. My dogs get lots of test items (see below) and I even get messages from lots of YOU, saying how much you love it when I go to Global and share about my time there, asking me to check out this and that type of product. I can’t wait to stock our shelves with all the new items and I’m already counting down the days until next year's Global Pet Expo, March 20-22, 2024!



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