The Best Philadelphia Dog Walkers: Lessons Learned from 15 Years in the Business.

The Best Philadelphia Dog Walkers: Lessons Learned from 15 Years in the Business.

On April 5 of this year, we’ve hit an exciting milestone one that is virtually unheard of in the pet care industry – our Head Walker, Dave, hits his 15th Queeniversary! That’s right - fifteen years as the most understandably beloved dog walker Northwest Philly has ever known. Incredibly, Dave was the VERY FIRST employee we hired, and, like all of our other hires, he hit all the right levels of the “Queenie’s kookiness scale” to make the cut - but we also knew how lucky we were to have found him. His humor, easy going personality, and now his gained knowledge makes him loved by humans and pets alike across a breadth of client types . As the resident unexpected comedian, he always has clients in stitches with them often insisting we compile a book of his notes! Dave’s incredible loyalty and unwavering dedication to providing the best care possible for all of Queenie’s pets has made him an indispensable part of our team, and we’re thrilled to celebrate this huge milestone with him.


We sat down and had a chat with Dave about hitting this milestone.

“I've always had a love for animals. Growing up in Fairmount, our house felt more like a zoo sometimes, between the children and pets! But if you told me I would graduate from Temple with a degree in economics and then use that degree to walk dogs – I wouldn't have believed you.

It all started when my friend's parents' dog needed a walker. I was finishing up my degree and working part time, but I wasn't loving what I was studying (does anyone really love studying economics?) After that experience, I decided to go all-in on dog walking and make it my full time job. Fifteen years later, I'm still at Queenie's, walking dogs for a living, and loving it.

Here's what I learned throughout my career as a professional dog walker with Queenie's:

I’ve never been in better shape

After making a career out of walking dogs, I've gotten in pretty good shape! On average, I walk about 10 miles a day. Some days it's one dog at a time, others it's juggling five pooches at one time – talk about a work out!

Fortunately, most of them have been pretty relaxed and just are happy to be outside getting to walk around. After all these years, I’ve gotten these walks down to a science! I’ve found the best products to make the walks as smooth as possible, such as the DOOG walk belt and crumps mini training treats.

Walking that much every day is a lot, but I love it – sometimes more than the dogs do! It helps me build connections with the dogs, often by passing the time on our walks discussing all the local sports teams with them. Everyone knows all the pets in Northwest Philly are rooting for Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers! 

Great for your mental health

I'm a lifelong animal lover, but currently have no pets of my own (I wouldn’t want them to get jealous of how much time I spent with my dog-walking clients.) That also means I can devote all of my attention to the animals at my job, whether they like it or not! Not only is it beneficial for the dogs to get to spend time outside, burning off energy and enjoying the fresh air – but it's been advantageous for me as well. 

I've found dog walking is relaxing and great for my mental health. I don't like being cooped up inside for too long – again, why did I get my degree in economics? Being able to get outside in the fresh air and being surrounded by dogs all day is the perfect scenario for me. 

Community connection

It’s hard to go even a block in Northwest Philly without seeing someone out with her dog – that’s only part of the reason why I love it here so much. After fifteen years of being Queenie's caregiver, I’ve gotten to know so many of the community members and my clients have become like family to me. 

I’m a true pet-person, so it’s no surprise that I’ve fallen in love with every pet I’ve cared for – and my clients can tell! They appreciate seeing their pets being treated with the same love and attention they give them. The relationships I’ve built with my clients and pets are so special, and I feel lucky that this job has made me a part of their lives.

Not only have I built relationships with my clients, but it’s connected me to the Northwest Philadelphia community as a whole. l love getting to explore the city, and meet people while I’m out on walks. I often find myself chatting to people I’ve just met and sharing our best tips and tricks for pet care. 

I've learned so much throughout my fifteen years at Queenie's. I'm so grateful for the relationships I've built, whether it's with the pets, their owners, or other Queenie's employees. I still can't believe that my job is dog walking – and it can be yours too!”


Queenie’s Pets isn’t just a bunch of coworkers, it’s a trusted team that always has your back and works toward the same goals and purpose. We’re caring team players who all take pride in the services we provide to each and every client and we are always, like Dave, far more than the other end of a leash. We’re aren’t just “people who love animals.” Anyone can be that. We are people who love people, and want to serve individual needs of pets and their humans. We hire on a rolling basis, and are always looking for new outstanding folks to join the Queenie’s team.

We currently are so incredibly understaffed, as the pandemic has left us with an enormous waitlist and not enough folks who meet our rigorous hiring requirements. We are different than most dog walking companies. Unlike what most people think, not just anyone can walk a dog ore pop into a house and feed a cat. This is serious, important work, and the folks we hire are the best….just like Dave.

People who see themselves as the next Dave/potential Team Queenie’s are:

*Committed to providing force-free, fear-free, and stress-free care to pets

*Willing to go the extra mile 

*Want a job that makes you ridiculously happy

*Have their own car that they’re willing to have dogs in!

*Live in or within 10 minutes drive of our service area

*Are 21 or over

*Are willing to make a commitment of at least a year (this is not a seasonal/holiday job)

*Full & Part time jobs available!

This job goes perfectly with your music/art/theater career, grad school pursuits!



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