We believe in serving our communities through outstanding pet care – moreover, in being an active part of the communities we serve. We only hire locally-based staff, we shop locally for as many supplies as we can, and we utilize local vendors for other pet-related services. Everyone and every product we recommend is known to us personally. In addition, all of the people we recommend uphold the same philosophy Queenie’s holds: that positive-reinforcement is the only way to raise, train and treat our animals. All of the products we promote and/or sell make the lives of pets and their humans better!


Rau Animal Hospital (Glenside)
Chestnut Hill Cat Clinic (Chestnut Hill)
Mt. Airy Animal Hospital (Mt.Airy)
Fort Washington Veterinary Hospital (Ft. Washington)
Chestnut Hill Veterinary Hospital (Erdenheim)
Companion Pet Hospital (South Philadelphia) *
Holistic House Call Veterinarian, Dr. Natasha Kassell *
All Pets House Call Vets
Vetter Pet Care
Whole Animal Gym (WAG) *
Physical therapy, Aqua therapy, veterinary acupuncture, cold laser therapy and injury rehab with locations in Bella Vista/Center City and Horsham.
Lap of Love, “Dr. Brad”


*Indicates the veterinary choices of Queenie’s Pets® company owner, Adina Silberstein, for the care of her own.
Adina Silberstein, CCMT
Certified Canine Massage Therapist

Adina Silberstein
Canine Nutritional Advisor
Nutritional consultations and holistic wellness counseling
By appointment only, Phone or Skype appointments available

Holistic Veterinary Care
Natasha Kassell, VMD

Kezia Renee Lechner, Reiki for Cats
215 242 3887

Reiki is a gentle, non invasive, healing modality which most cats truly seem to love ! Reiki relieves pain, speeds post surgical recovery, boosts immune function, and helps to release physical and emotional trauma.It is perfect for cats of all ages, including elderly pets, and those in the final phase of life.

WAG (Whole Animal Gym)
611 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 839-9244
Physical therapy, aqua therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, weight loss, private gym time and more

PAWS – Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society
No-Kill Shelter & Rescue

Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals
No-Kill Shelter & Rescue

Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
(215) 426-6300

City Kitties
Rescue, Fostering & Adoptions

ACCT (Animal Care & Control)
Queenie’s Pets is completely dedicated to force-free, fear-free, pain-free treatment and training of all animals in our care. All trainers listed below operate within these guiding principles, and provide Team Queenie’s with continuing education in animal behavior to keep us the most educated and professional team of caregivers you can hire for your pets’ care.
In some cases, we may require that you call in a trainer in order to begin or resume using our services if there is an existing behavioral concern, previous showing of aggression to animal or human, a high level of reactivity to outside stressors, or a medical change that has created a behavioral change. For existing clients, if there has been a behavioral change in your pets that causes risk to our caregivers or your pet’s health and happiness, we may also require or request that you engage with one of these trainers. 
While our team of experienced and professional caregivers are not trainers, what we promise is working to support the positive-reinforcement training you are doing with your pets. We will also gladly join you for a session with a trainer to ensure that our caregivers are on board and following the same protocol as your family with your pets. These appointments must be booked outside of the regular work day to ensure caregiver availability. 
We also strongly recommend all puppies attend a “Puppy Kindergarten” at a force-free class or facility. This is not a class where your dog will learn “obedience.” Rather, your dog will learn valuable life lessons that are vital for them to learn at a young age, such as socialization, coming when called, and how to self-soothe when stressed. 
Before hiring a trainer, know the values you’re seeking. Here’s a great article to help you!
CJ Hazell
CJ is a Karen Pryor® Clicker Training-certified trainer as and offers in-home services as well as teaching at Y2K9s in Willow Grove.
Tuff Pup Training
Matt Schimsky
 In-home training
Siegrist Dog Training & Behavior Consultation
Carol Siegrist
Cat Behaviorist and Trainer (trains the Queenie’s Pets® staff, too!)
Jane Ehrlich
Cat Trainer
Jacqueline Munera
If you do not see your location indicated in our service map, you can check the following websites for other pet professionals:
Pet Sitters, International
National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
Pet Professional Guild
(force-free, fear-free, pain-free, guaranteed!)
House Cleaners:
MV Cleaning
Ivone Mariani
Airy Kitchens
215 853 6060
88 W Johnson St
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Kitchen design and project management in Philadelphia and the Main Line.
Team Queenie’s is happy to provide pet taxi service to and from the groomer of your choice to existing Queenie’s clients. We can even book the appointments for you, if that makes life easier!
Groomingdales  (Wyndmoor, PA)
The Bone Appetit (Chestnut Hill)
Groom Lab
831 Bethlehem Pike, Erdenheim, PA 19038
Phone: (267) 400-1589
Lovely Rita’s Pet Salon & Boutique *
1050 Lancaster Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Phone: (610) 451-1131
Mobile Grooming (at your location)
Avery’s Mobile Pet Styling Salon
Gabby’s Grooming on the Go

24 hour Emergency Veterinary Clinics in our area

CARES (Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services) (Langhorne, PA)
VSEC (Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Clinic) (South Philadelphia and Levittown, PA)
Philadelphia: 267-800-1950
Levittown: 215-750-7884
Metropolitan Veterinary Associates (Norristown, PA)
Penn Vet Ryan Veterinary Hospital
Animal Cruelty Reports:
Please call 1-866-601-SPCA or send an email to cruelty@pspca.org to file an animal cruelty, abuse and/or neglect report. Please note you often will be required to have a video of any accusations of abuse if reporting.
Animal Poison Control
Disaster Planning for Your Pets



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