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Sarah, Caregiver

Sarah, Caregiver

Sarah grew up in England and had her first encounters with animals at age 9 when her family moved out of London to the Kent countryside. They inherited 2 cats with their new home and they immediately became Sarah’s best friends. Horses, ducks, chickens and goats were soon added to the mix, as well as a variety of dogs from Afghan hound to a Beagle mix. 

Sarah came to the U.S.A in her early twenties for a job opportunity and soon after adopted a cat and ended up staying a lot longer than planned. Her family  currently lives in Chestnut Hill with a sweet dog, Teddy and a slightly wild cat, Lola (who hates being photographed). She enjoys trail running in the Wissahickon, crocheting blankets, and spending time with her family.

Sarah has been a member of Team Queenie's since 2020.

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