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Spot - Cat-Bernet Cork Wand

Spot - Cat-Bernet Cork Wand


The Ethical Pet Cat-Bernet Cork & Feathers Teaser Wand Cat Toy combines the corky, feathery joy of the Cat-Bernet cat toy with the wonder of a teaser wand. Dangle this exciting toy before your furry wine critic and watch as she springs into action! Lots of movement from the feathers, the awesomeness of the cork and a fun tinkly bell combine for the perfect interactive play experience. In three assorted colors, each order ships with one wand in a color chosen at random for a fun surprise!

  • Natural cork toy feels great on cat teeth and claws during attacking play.
  • Feathers naturally attract feline attention and add movement during play.
  • A tinkly bell gets cats extra excited.
  • A great way to spend healthy bonding time with your meow-bud—it provides healthy exercise, too!
  • Each order ships with one wand and cork toy in a color chosen at random.