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Royal Canin - Savor Selective (cat)

Royal Canin - Savor Selective (cat)


Love your cat with the Royal Canin Savor Selective Dry Cat Food. Some cats choose foods based on aromas, while others choose foods based on flavor and texture or how the food makes them feel after they eat it. This recipe is made with two types of kibble for extra-enticing flavor and texture that pleases all palettes. Plus, the adapted energy content helps maintain the ideal body weight of a fussy cat, with all the complete and balanced nutrition he needs to thrive. Based on 40 years of science and observation, Royal Canin supports the health of your cat by providing him with precise nutrition and a true understanding of his specific needs.

  • Precisely formulated for picky eaters from 1 to 7 years of age.
  • Contains two synergistic kibbles, each of a different formula and texture to stimulate their natural preferences.
  • Adapted energy content helps to maintain the weight of fussy eaters.
  • L.I.P. digestive science innovation uses protein selected for its high digestibility, which helps reduce stool odor.
  • Complete and balanced nutrition based on science and the specific needs of your cat.