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Brown's - Fix Mealworm

Brown's - Fix Mealworm


Give your backyard birds a boost with Brown’s Garden Chic! Hi-Energy Plus Suet with Mealworms Wild Bird Food. This pure and fresh suet contains peanuts and real dried mealworms—just the energy-boosting bounty wild birds need year-round. It’s a good source of fat and energy both in the hard winter months and during nesting time in the spring. It’s also designed to fit in wire feeding baskets so you can feed your birds a delicious meal anywhere and anytime!

  • This fresh suet is made to support the energy needs of wild birds year-round.
  • Contains peanuts and real dried mealworms—a favorite of wild beaked buddies!
  • Good source of fat and energy during winter months or spring nesting.
  • Designed to fit in wire feeding baskets.
  • A great all-weather and all-season blend.