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New Baby Packages

New Baby Packages

Labor & Delivery Package
When you know you’re expecting your first or next human child, you always worry about care for your pets when it’s time for Baby to arrive. With this popular package, you let us know your due date and then just send us a text on your way to delivery and we’ll make sure your furry friends are in good hands. We guarantee that we will be there within 8 hours of receiving your text!
The best part? We never stop visits until we hear from you that it is ok to do so! That means that no matter how long it takes for Baby to arrive, that is the only thing you need to be worried about; relax, we’ve got this!

Purchase before your due date and enjoy peace of mind!

Starts at $200 - Includes our guarantee that we will arrive within 8 hours of your call, 2 visits/walks, and one overnight. Additional visits will be charged at cost WITHOUT last-minute booking fees.


Newborn Relief Package
Nobody is ever 100% ready for what bringing home a newborn might entail. Those adorable bundles of joy can also leave less time (and sleep) than we anticipated. While you handle your growing family's "new normal," we will take care of the furry family members! This package includes a 30-minute walk every week day (Monday-Friday, during the time frame of your choosing) for 6 weeks. However, because it is fully customizable, you let us know what will be most helpful for you and we will get everything set up!

Good for those feisty toddler years too, the Newborn Relief package lets you tend to your kids while we tend to the four-legged family members! We help ensure your dog stays in her exercise routine, has her attention and bathroom needs met, as you settle into life as new parents. Routines are important, and your dog will be calmer and less jealous of their new sibling if they are still getting the exercise and attention they need while you maintain your own routines with your baby.

Bonus! If you are currently on a recurring walk schedule, but wish to pause it whilst home on maternity/paternity leave, then purchasing the Newborn Relief Package will allow you to reserve your dog’s regularly-scheduled, popular walk time frame for when you return to work!

Starting at $650.