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Your New Kitty

Congratulations! You're bringing home a cuddly new family what?! Preparing to welcome a new cat into your home, regardless of her age, can be a daunting experience. Luckily, we've got you covered!

Introducing our BRAND NEW Kitty Prep Package! This all-inclusive package includes everything you could possibly need to be totally prepared for your new cat's arrival. Starting at $150, this package is totally customizable* and can include:

  • Personalized consultation with us (in-person and virtual options available) to go over what to expect and provide different tips for care
  • A start-up basket of products including treats, toys, food samples, and wellness items
  • Meet-n-Greet with us to get set up for pet sitting services

We are also more than happy to include a starter packet of literature regarding best practices, specifically tailored to your household - free of charge!

*These services are also available ad hoc and can be purchased individually via our CUSTOM ORDER feature.