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The foundation for starting a professional pet care company will always be loving and wanting to provide care for companion animals. Similarly, any high-touch, personal service business is about having a deep passion for the service you are providing and the people to whom you provide it. Yet it is a combination of professionalism, profitability, boundaries, empowerment, knowledge and mindset  that will ultimately lead to your business’s success and will have you be able to operate as the true, successful professional you know you can be.

It is in these areas of expertise that I, as the founder, President and CEO of Queenie’s Pets® and a seasoned small business coach excel, and I believe strongly in sharing knowledge so that we, as colleagues, can all achieve our absolute best and raise up the pet care industry as a whole.

Our targeted, customized coaching sessions will be tailored to your individual needs, so that you remain in charge while we systematically take on the challenges and goals of your business. Whether you are just starting out, are a small company looking to grow, or are a large company with the need for improved systems and profitability, together, we use your motivations and individual approach matched with my experience and expertise to produce extraordinary results.

No matter your industry, together, we can:

  • create organizational systems
  • set policies and boundaries for both staff and clients
  • shape and mold your company’s brand promise and core values
  • hire, train and retain employees
  • set the foundation for your company’s culture
  • build your company handbook and manuals
  • get you connected to resources that can help you grow and learn in many arenas
  • boost your confidence and empower you in dealing with staff, clients and vendors
  • help you formulate a company that allows you to live the life you want without being tied down 24/7
  • work on any other area of importance to you 


I bet you and I are similar: founded a company based upon passion and drive, and then became quickly surprised and overwhelmed by all there was to do, learn, and maintain…all whilst experiencing exponential, and sometimes scary, growth. I would have given anything to know there was a business coach out there to support me as I consistently reinvented the wheel for every new challenge that arose. Today’s entrepreneurial climate is different – and you can have me as your dedicated listening ear, enthusiastic cheerleader, and strict guiding director so that we can ensure your success.

I do not have pre-set “lessons” for you to learn, and I never impose the way I believe your business should be run upon you. I am here to organize and help you create the business of your dreams. No cookie-cutters-just pure, authentic coaching with a dedicated ear. 

All of our sessions will be conducted via Skype or FaceTime, so that we have the opportunity to truly get to know one another. I am not training you to be me, I’m training you to be the ideal professional, profitable and Boss version of you.